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When building a Web space it is necessary that it be visible and usable for Human, but also visible and accessible by search engines. On the one hand, if your Website is built with barriers that prevent search engines from entering and Information, the pages of the website may not be part of the index of the Search engines and will not appear on the professional seo services company results pages of the same. On the other hand, The contents and messages of the pages of your website, the search engines will not be able To differentiate key themes and descriptive keywords by doing more Difficult to get high posts or rankings in the search results pages. The fundamental processes of a search engine are two: solve the searches properly Search and the construction update of the index indexing.

For a Page may be offered as a result in a search engine, it must have been Indexed. Therefore, for the construction update of the index, Searchers must trawl the web in search of new pages. WHAT IS THE SEARCHING OF A SEARCHER In order for a search engine to be able to return the most recent and relevant results to the User searches you need to keep the index as up to date as possible. Y To maintain the fresh index must be continuously traveling the professional seo companies Net in search of New pages and pages that have been modified. How is this process? The Web is built around the concept of hyperlink: links. We have Pages with references to other pages, and these that point to others in turn. The Search engines, to browse the Web, carry out tracking processes for which they use Systems called spiders, robots or crawlers. Spiders advance, link to Link, for the contents of the Network. In order to be able to carry out a tracing the most effective Possible, the route of the Network is not linear, but the pages that change the most and tracked more frequently.

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WHAT IS THE INDEXING OF A SEARCHER As a result of the crawling process the search engine gets a series of new pages and or Which must be studied and incorporated into the index. This process receives the Index name. As part of the process, the search engine should analyze not only the Words and themes of the pages, but a series of criteria that allow the words measuring and importance. Or put another way, criteria of relevance. The index is a Data structure specially designed so that searches can be solved Immediately. The searcher receives from the user the words entered in the search box: Describe their need for information. From there, it conducts a series of consultations in the Index to identify the pages where those words are present. Remember that The index has been specially constructed so that the location of pages from Words be extraordinarily fast.

While discovering the pages in question, read The relevancy criteria that were inserted in the indexing phase and order the pages According to this relevance. Finally, it composes the user response page in the That the results are ordered from greater to lesser see here relevance. By default, general Internet search engines sort results by relevance. Put another way: the search engine calculates the probability that a particular page Will satisfy the user. More likely, more relevant. But what is a Search engine to decide the relevance of a page? What are the criteria of relevance To sort the results? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the environments where Positioning. To pick the watchwords it is best to research the Interests with the Google catchphrase instrument, however then analyzes These words in YouTube. Do the request and watch the catchphrases of the Restriction and recordings that have more visits. It will give you a presentation of the Watchwords more fitting for your substance.